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Contact Information

Main Office Phone:


Fax: 242-698-6952


Director: Kimberly Elizabeth Cockwell-Kooskalis M.A., M.Ed.

Mrs. Kooskalis has had over 16 years of experience in the public and private schools throughout Massachusetts, USA. Born a Bahamian, schooled in America, Mrs. K returned to the Bahamas 6 years ago to help students who struggle with learning and behavior issues. 

Her goal is to make the Bahamian culture realize that simply because students learn differently does not mean they cannot learn.

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Please fill out the form below and submit to the office. In the comment section please write why you are in need of our services as well as any issues your child/student may be having.


If you have an interest in your child attending Blairwood Academy, please click the INTEREST FORM link below. You can digitally fill out the form and submit it to us via email or you can drop off a hard copy at our office.

Be sure to ask about our basic assessment.

Let our trained and experienced educators and specialists determine what your child is struggling with and how best to maximize their potentials with our proven methodologies. 

Appointments for assessments can be made by phone call. 

  • Interest Form PDF

School Fee Payment Plans


  • 15- June -2021
  • 01-November-2021
  • 01-March-2022


  • 15- June -2021
  • 01-September-2021
  • 01-November-2022
  • 05-January-2022
  • 01-March-2022


  • 15- June -2021
  • 03-August- 2021
  • 01-September-2021
  • 01-October -2021
  • 01-November-2021
  • 01-December- 2021
  • 05-January-2022
  • 01-February- 2022
  • 01-March-2022

The Academic-year at Blairwood Academy is divided into three semesters. Tuition is billed according to your payment plan and must be paid in full when due. Also, a professional development fee is billed once at the beginning of the school year. 

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