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In 1989 a group of parents, with the help of Dr. Matthew Rose, joined with The Developmental Resource Center, an award winning school in Florida, to bring the DRC programs to Nassau.

In 1992, parents and teachers came together to expand those programs and create Blairwood Academy.

Today, the spirit of our founders guides our work.


Blairwood Academy is designed to serve 2 ½ -18 year old students who learn best when given individualized attention in a small school environment. Blairwood Academy strives daily to help cure Illiteracy in this country.

To our benefit, we have the best science based practices to “unlock the code” for students who simply learn differently. Many of our students continue on to colleges, become artists, teachers for children with Autism and other productive members of our society.

We also service children with Autism and developmental delays that have the potential to work and function in our community.


Teaching must be based on proven methods, and individualized planning.

Learning differently does not mean learning less. Students must be challenged to achieve.

Learning cannot happen without taking risks, and making mistakes. Students must feel safe to take the risks that lead to learning.

Learning involves more than academics. Students need guidance to grow into mature, thoughtful adults with strong personal ethics, and social responsibility.


Village Road

Nassau, Bahamas

Office Hours:

          Mon - Fri: 7:15 am- 4:00 pm

School hours:

         Mon-Thurs 8:15 am-2:15 pm

         Friday 8:15 am - 1:00 pm

A little extra help can make a BIG difference!!

A little extra help can make a 

BIG difference!!

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